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Accelerating Culture and Innovation on the Blockchain

The Problem

The attention economy is not sustainable

Why and why it matters

Centralized internet models reliance on advertising and targeting becomes toxic for the users and unfair to the creators

The Solution

The Internet of Innovation will reward creators and influencers who participate in the promotion and distribution of creativity

The Project

A Network of marketplaces designed to promote and distribute creativity, focusing on culture and technology, forming the technoculture of the future

Preston Chaunsumlit
Creative Director

The way we interact with technology will develop culture.

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Refreshing the legacy ecosystems for creativity

Creativity is the fuel of our economies and the enhancement of our lives.

Currently, centralized offline and online ecosystems organise the promotion and distribution of creativity in arts, music, fashion, technologies and lifestyles.

Following the path of finance and software, the decentralization of cultural creativity and its monetization will enhance diversity and accessibility.

Technology<sup>x</sup> Culture

Technologyx Culture

Music, fashion, arts and technology are merging into digital cultures or technocultures, it is time to build a new way to promote and distribute creativity.

This new model is called the NEWCOIN Network and will be run on a powerful blockchain protocol.


Inside the NEWCOIN Network

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Product Design & Technology

Sofiane Delloue a.k.a. Vector Newman

Digital media and commerce seasoned entrepreneur


Sacha Ott

Senior C++ and security engineer


Preston Chaunsumlit
Creative Director

Digital trendsetters expert


Zdenka Zvolenska
Senior C++ Developer

Fin-tech specialist


Lucas Saidl
Junior C++ Developer

Young Talent


David Nosek
Full Stack Developer

Developer the day, contemporary art at night.

Community Building

Jan Halfar
Business Development Manager


Adriano Renna
Creative Community Manager


Jumoke Fernandez
Creative Community Manager


Ba Nguyen
Crypto Investors Relations


Erla Sol
Community Manager Artists


Trang Le Bozon
Early growth


Kurt Braget
Blockchain Networking


Tom Counsell
Blockchain & Business Strategy


Pete Johnson
Compliance & Social Impact


Creator Stories: Barbara

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Culture is part of our DNA

Radical innovation requires the formation of collective consensus among experts in the area that is being disrupted, in order to form trust.

These consensuses are accelerated by the formation of cultures, and the blockchain space is one of the best manifestations of this phenomenon.

The NEWCOIN Network will leverage cultural creativity in order to accelerate the adoption of innovations in a wide variety of fields, starting from lifestyles with NEW LIFE and diversify the formats progressively by opening ecosystems specialized in other categories of products.





Project Roadmap

March 2018

3000 Users
Paying customers

10 products
EOS Smart Contracts Ready
Prototype of the new native app

July 2018
September 2018

New mobile app running on EOSIO
Distribution of tokens to our user base

Launch of the fully decentralized dApp
Growth of the catalogue
Campaign with 300 premium influencers
100k Users

October 2018
January 2019

2500 products
1000 Premium Influencers
500k Users

Our Community
3000+ Trendsetters